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Celebrate your event with a special ride

“Each day is a new beginning” (George Eliot). In everyday life, we often fail to realize this. Paying more attention to what is self-evident might help to be more aware of the small things in our lives which make a difference: birthdays, anniversaries or the day you first met your significant other. They call for celebration.       
So, why not already make the ride to your party location special? Surprise the person celebrating his or her birthday or anniversary, or your guests with a ride in one of our electric carriages. Our electric carriages will not only take you to your destination, they will also help you slow down by taking you on a journey back in time when automobility just started. Make ordinary things special… And create many moments of joy.

"To think may evoke further thought, but to experience something brings it alive."   Paul Heyse (1830 - 1914)

Beverages served to celebrate your event

To begin with, mineral water and piccolo bottles of sparkling wine are always available. But maybe you would like to already start celebrating with a glass of champagne on your ride to the event location. You thus make an otherwise irrelevant matter, the transportation from one place to another, to something special. Depending on the route and time you have scheduled for it, the drinks can also be served at a special location. Tell us about your wishes and we will try everything we can to make them come true.
We provide sparkling wine, non-alcoholic sparkling wine or champagne – whatever you like. The beverages will be stored in our electric cooling boxes until they are being consumed and will be served in wine coolers and with respective glasses.

"Experience is the source of which every part of artistic work is supplied. "     Wilhelm Dilthe (1833-1911)


We love the elegance of our carriages and find it hard to imagine that they can be made even more beautiful. However, sometimes a personal touch is required, for instance, when celebrating a special birthday. We have numerous anniversary emblems for such occasions, which we will attach to the carriage upon request and which we will provide to you free of charge.  We are open to more lavish decoration such as golden balloons or any other idea you might have. Just let us know and we will find a way how to realize your ideas. And by the way, we will roll out the red carpet for you!

"You do not experience what you experience but how you experience it."    Wilhelm Raabe (1831 - 1910)

Frequently Asked Questions for the use of the carriage at events

How many passengers can ride in an electric carriage?

We are allowed to take up to seven passengers in an electric carriage. Six people are seated in the Vis-a-Vis, the seventh passenger sits next to the chauffeur. This is the most desirable place due to the exposed position.

For toddlers we have a booster seat ready. If you need them, please contact us in advance, so that your chauffeur brings him for your ride.

At weddings, we recommend the bride and groom in the carriage not too much narrow and not to let many passengers ride in the wedding carriage.

What information is needed to receive an offer?

Basically, we can make an offer as soon as you tell us about the area of operation of the wedding carriage and the expected service life you have. We can always tailor, supplement and refine the offer if your planning becomes more concrete and if necessary.

You will find a corresponding download button for the relevant questions in addition to the explanation of the planning with the inscription "CECKLIST".

What does a typical wedding with Carrosse deLouis carriages look like in the course?

There is no typical wedding - every wedding stands for itself.

Our wedding trips start from a single route - for example, pick up the bride and groom from the registry office with subsequent trip to the wedding location and extend to the complete care of all trips throughout the day.

The complete care of all journeys would look like for example:

- Bride / groom pick up at point A (at home, at the hotel, etc.)

- Pick up the partner at point B

- Drive to the place of the wedding at point C

- Commissioned waiting at the place of mourning until after the ceremony

- Reception of the bride and groom and drive to various places with stopovers, for example, for photo shootings, visits or drink

- Continue to the wedding location

- Pick up after the party and drive to the honeymoon suite.

And we are sure you have more ideas that we will fulfill with pleasure!

We do not have a promised dream date yet. Can I still request a quote?

Of course, you will receive an offer, even if you have no fixed date. Offers can also be adjusted if you have further developed your wishes and ideas.



What information does the timeline include?

Our timeline shows chronologically all points of your order.- When does your chauffeur start and from where to your pickup location?- What does your chauffeur bring with you - drinks, child seat, or similar?- Will the coach be decorated, and if so, how and by whom?- When does the carriage arrive at your first pick-up location?- What stops there are.- When the stops are approached.- What's planned at the stopovers and how long the stopover is.- When the carriage arrives at the destination.- How long the chauffeur drives back.Our timeline serves several purposes:- You can plan better.- Our offer will be transparent for you. We only charge the time your order lasts.- Our chauffeurs use the "timeline" as an important guideline to make your special day an unforgettable experience.



How long is the offer valid and how long is the carriage reserved for us?

As a rule, our offer periods are for 2 to 4 weeks. During the period of the offer, a carriage will be reserved for you. So you have plenty of time to concretize your planning.

If the offer period has expired and you have not confirmed an order, the reserved carriage will be re-issued for new orders. But do not worry - we will inform you about it, so that nothing is forgotten.

Our planning has changed. What happens to our reservation?

A consolation for you: you are not alone with this problem. There is always something that could not be considered in your original design. Inform us in time and we can find a solution together and redeploy.

Our planning considers buffer times for your original planning. Since we will contact you two to four weeks before your wedding date to finalize the details of the process, nothing will be forgotten.

Redistribution of course always requires the availability on our side. The sooner you let us know about changes, the better.

When do we receive an invoice? When and how can we pay the bill?

2-4 weeks before your dream date, we will send you the most recent timeline for review, with the request to confirm the planned procedure.

After your confirmation, you will receive your invoice, which you can transfer either by bank transfer before the wedding date or on the day of your wedding at Chauffeur cash or pay by credit card.

Please understand that we can only send invoices by e-mail and can not have them printed by the chauffeur. Your chauffeur likes to note this and you will receive your receipt within 24 hours if you pay the driver.

Can I contact my chauffeur directly by phone?

On your wedding trip, your e-mail address and contact details are usually deposited. A few days before your booked appointment, you will receive an e-mail from us, in which we will inform you once more of your booking. This e-mail is also accompanied by the mobile number of the electric carriage reserved for you. We recommend that you also give this phone number to another person you trust, who will attend your wedding and who can contact us in case of emergency.

If your chauffeur can not answer your call immediately, he will call you back at the next stop. Please do not call anonymously if possible.

What happens if the weather is bad at my booked time?

The hood of our carriages can be completely closed. This protects our passengers in the vis-a-vis area even in case of sudden rain.In addition, all Carrosse DeLouis electric carriages have both heated seats and a warm air blower for the footwell. For cool days and fresh evenings is thus provided.Please understand that we can not carry out your journey for safety reasons in heavy weather, storms or thunderstorms. Also in this case we will contact you in advance.



When does the chauffeur arrive in the carriage at the agreed pick-up location?

At weddings, our chauffeurs are always at least 10 minutes before the agreed time at the pickup location. If this buffer is not enough for you, please let us know as soon as possible.



How can young children ride?

For toddlers, we can bring a booster seat, if this is notified to us in advance of the trip. Your own baby carriers can be attached with our two-point belts. For safety reasons, infants are not allowed to sit next to the chauffeur. The supervision of traveling children is up to our passengers.

Are there drinks on board and may be drunk while driving?

It is our privilege to chauffeur you and welcome you as guests. That is why we offer our customers free mineral water as long as stocks last. We deliver miniature water in portion bottles, which can be drunk while driving.

In addition, we also offer so-called "AddOns", such as iced champagne or champagne in summer or mulled wine in winter. Addons are served in glasses, which are offered by the chauffeur during the lifetime of the coach. If you want such extras, we ask for prior order!

Can we change the locations for the photo shoot?

As a rule, we discuss the locations for photo shoots in advance.We also determine alternative locations with you, which are approached in the event of disabilities of the original location.

Please understand that due to the high utilization of the carriages and follow-up orders, very short-term changes can usually only be made within the time frame of your booking.

Can we make a separate appointment for a photo shoot?

Of course, a photo shoot can also take place on a separate date. In this case, you receive an offer that lists both appointments as different positions.

How long in advance I can book a wedding trip?

There is virtually no time limit for booking orders in advance. On the contrary - an early booking guarantees that a carriage is available at your desired date.

Who organizes photographers / videographers?

The photographer or videographer is usually organized by you. As part of planning your wedding through a wedding agency, this will be done by the wedding agency. If you have not found anything yet, you can find inspirations on our partner site.

In which area wedding trips can be operated?

In the above map you will find our area of operation and the areas in which we do not charge arrival and departure costs.We perform our Berlin wedding trips throughout the city of Berlin. For trips that are to take place in the Berlin area, we ask you to make a separate request. Then we can see if this is feasible in a mutually acceptable framework.



A little bit more to our offers...

Our offers based on the time taken by your order. We calculate on base of your details about "pick-up location", possible waiting times, intermediate stations and activities, such as footage, as well as your destination. As a result we create a "timeline".

This timetable gives you an idea, how much times you have to plan for driving. This "timetline" will be sent to you with the offer. From this schedule, you can see how much time has been calculated for invisible times, such as driving to your place of work or for set-up and preparation times.

The offers based on the calculation of all the times we need for the execution of your order. The full hours are calculated.

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