Private tour with electric carriages "Baroque Dresden"




Baroque Dresden


"Perfection is already there when the necessary is done, beauty when the necessary is accomplished, yet hidden."   Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 - 1832)

The baroque was a style epoch, most people know. Less is known that there was a Dresden Baroque. Time is this between 1694 to 1763 classified. Historically, therefore, it is not surprising that it is popularly known as the Augustan Baroque. This specific form of baroque and rococo was shaped by the Saxon Elector August the Strong and his son Friedrich. And it is not surprising that we will encounter these historic figures several times in Dresden on our trips with electric carriages.All buildings so well-known for Dresden go back to this time. Including the well-known buildings, such as the Zwinger and the Frauenkirche. Less in the tourist focus, but no less beautiful, are also buildings such as the "Catholic Hofkirche" in front of the Residenzschloss for this epoch. On our tour many of the Baroque sights get to know, as well as the Brühlsche terraces as an expression of landscape gardening of this time.

Private tour "baroque Dresden" - Light on the tour!


In Dresden you experience your "blue wonder"

Your excursion begins right in front of the Semper Opera or, if you wish, directly at your hotel.
Among other things, you will see the historic sites of Dresden's Old Town, the magnificent view of the Elbhang with its three castles, as well as the idyllic villa district in the east of the city. After driving over the "Blue Wonder" to the other side of the Elbe, you can comfortably climb the Elbe slope with our motor car up to the "White Hart". From the terrace at the "Lingner-Schloss" you can enjoy a magnificent view over the Elbe to the city and its surroundings. Via the "Dresdner Neustadt" and the baroque quarter around the Königstrasse you reach again the "Altstadt". A view from the Augustus Bridge over the panorama of the old town forms the impressive conclusion of your "Historic City Tour".

We will be delighted to be your chauffeur on this tour. We will show you around!

Historical private tour Dresden



Duration 1-3 hours as desired
Price 80 € per hour for 2 people
20 € for each additional person / hour

Our prices include the statutory VAT as the total price. All our rides are private tours only.

One child up to the age of 10 can travel for free with every adult.