Exclusive rides in Berlin for your corporate event

Company celebrations left to chance?


Celebrating with business friends or with employees strengthens the bond to the company. Whether a small-scale restaurant visit or a corporate event with a supporting program. They ensure cohesion in the team or for good mood among your business partners and customers. A day for the company Make your celebration a very special event and inspire your employees with a ride in our electric carriages. Cleverly such an event can be combined with a motto and used as a marketing measure. We offer the elegant way to chauffeur your guests for different target groups and occasions. We are also happy to be inspired by your ideas.

I've never seen a really big businessman deserving to be the main thing."  Walther Rathenau (1867 - 1922)

Deployment of electric carriages at your company events

Company events are aimed at employees, business partners or special customers. Whether independent events, such as anniversaries, company celebrations, or purposeful events, such as meetings, seminars or the evening "Get Together". The event will be rounded off by an appropriate supporting program. By using our electric coaches at corporate events you give the moment a new meaning. They decelerate the hectic everyday life and seduce your guests to a leisurely pace. Contact us! We help you to make your event even more memorable.

 "That's the definition of business: some things go through, others do not. Use one and forget the other.“   Henry François Becque (1838 - 1899)

Branding for corporate events

Especially at company events and especially when it also has an external effect, our coach can be "burned" individually on request. In the front area can be attached over the entire width of the "hood" a magnetic foil. A complete branding with removable films transforms the carriage into your projection screen.Such a branding can be arranged with partners selected by us. If required, we will establish contact with our partners who are able to implement your wishes reliably and professionally.


"Do your business or it will lead you."   Benjamin Franklin (1706 - 1790)

Beverages by Carrosse DeLouis

The journey of your guests can be accompanied on your request by us with drinks. Discuss your ideas with us. According to your wishes we offer sparkling wine, non-alcoholic sparkling wine or champagne. These drinks are stored in our electric cool box until consumption and served in champagne bucket with glasses.

 "Few people do good business if they do nothing..“   Philip Dormer Stanhope Lord Chesterfield (1694 - 1773)