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Our electric coaches and their context

Over many years, Carrosse DeLouis has designed a street legal vehicle that combines the elegance of a distinguished parade carriage with the technical components of a modern automobile. Our vehicle harmoniously combines the world's oldest body shape with the technical advances of a modern vehicle - just as it did at the time of Kaiser Wilhelm.Find out more on this page, about our tradition, to which we feel committed. But also about the symbiosis between the traditional exterior and the digital bridge, which is in our electric coaches.

"Comfort is the cunning mother of engineering."    Manfred Hinrich (1926 - 2015)

Tradition that we feel committed to

A review: In the early days of automobile construction, horse-drawn carriages with engines served as the basis for the first automobiles. Electric drives were used early on. As early as 1848, Werner von Siemens dreamed of electrically powered vehicles. In 1882 his electromotive - a trolley-guided vehicle - was launched in Halensee off Berlin on a test track of 540 meters. By 1900, there were more than 20 vehicle manufacturers in Berlin alone, producing vehicles for a wide range of electric drive applications: Kühlstein, Lutzmann, Egger-Lohner and, of course, Siemens, which among other things founded a global corporation.However, as the story showed, the drive concepts with internal combustion engines prevailed. Reason: The materials used, especially batteries and tires, did not have the usual properties and longevity. In addition, electromobility and the infrastructure required for it is a concept of peacetime. The First World War did the rest, since used vehicles had to move independently of charging stations.

"If I ever have money and muse, I'll build myself an electro-magnetic cab, which certainly will not let me sit in the dirt." Werner von Siemens (1816-1892)


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Technology and what you do not see.

For some years now the electric drive has experienced a renaissance. Modern accumulators are small, light and already have a considerable energy density. That's why we decided from the outset to power our motorcars - just like the earlier originals. State-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries supply the asynchronous machines with which the vehicles are powered with sufficient energy. This gives us an output of approx. 18 KW.All functions are monitored and controlled by three powerful computers. They communicate with each other via an information bus system. Wherever the StVZVO permits, indirect control via signal transmission devices with continuous monitoring is realized. A process that is already being used in modern aircraft and is being used increasingly in the automotive industry.The result of this technology: an easy-to-use and safe to drive automobile, which not only gives our passengers a carefree and impressive experience, but also brings our chauffeurs much joy in their work.

"The machine is the sovereign controller of our present life."   Egon Friedell (1878 - 1938)

Carriage - the visible tradition.

We have remained faithful to the appearance of a traditional Kraftdroschke. Almost all components of our premium vehicles are made by hand - virtually for eternity. The frame is made of full carbon steel and has been clad with solid wood in traditional carriage construction. The wooden decorative elements are carved from limewood. The iron trim and support elements are invariably forged by fire. The brass parts are plated in 24 carat gold. Roof, seats and sky are lined with fine cowhide or velvet. The painting is done in a special process, in which seven primer and top coats are applied. Subsequently, fine decorative stripes are applied on all parts by a coachman in traditional technique.


"The ancestors can now follow us faster and faster and the descendants drive away."  Manfred Hinrich (1926 - 2015)


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Our carriages and franchise Carrosse DeLouis

Carrosse DeLouis is a service franchising and systems business. This means that a homogenous market is consistently served by all providers of our service - same performance and same quality at the same price. This creates the value of the brand for the customer. He is ready to pay extra for our top performance. And another advantage comes from the system concept: we can deliver our service at significantly lower costs than our competitors.You can not buy our carriages. But you do not have to! Because you can become a successful entrepreneur and secure your place in the market without excessive equity and without great risk. You bring in your entrepreneurial commitment and turn your skills in dealing with customers and passengers into a profitable business. We deliver almost everything you need.

"The one who can achieve much, it is befitting to demand much."   Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 - 1832)