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"To think may evoke further thought, but to experience something brings it alive.” Paul Heyse (1830 - 1914), full name Paul Johann Ludwig von Heyse

Berlin time travel, the city of electricity. Berlin after 1870 – this era was characterized by numerous innovations of outstanding persons, above all the visionaries Werner von Siemens and Emil Rathenau. It went down in history as the second industrial revolution. The era of the electrical industry had started, and Berlin was its European epicenter. Electrically powered cabs/taxis, called “Droschke” in Berlin, increasingly dominated the scene in Berlin’s center. Most of these cabs/taxis were powered by electricity because in the early days of motorization combustion engines had to be cranked up, and so electrically powered vehicles were more convenient. Today, Berlin’s center is characterized by modern architecture, reflected in the state-of-the-art buildings of the government district and the revived Potsdamer Platz, amongst others.

60 minute:  private tour "Berlin Timetravel" - light on the tour!

(Almost) Old and New Points of Interest at Berlin’s Center

Some of the most beautiful squares of Berlin are located at Friedrichstadt. The Gendarmenmarkt is characterized by three landmark buildings: German Cathedral (Deutscher Dom), French Cathedral (Französischer Dom), and Concert Hall (Konzerthaus). Another beautiful square along our route is Bebelplatz, which is the only square that has been restored to its original look. Famous buildings on the square include State Opera, St. Hedwig’s Cathedral and Old Library (nicknamed “chest of drawers”). The remaining part of a mast of overhead wiring behind the State Opera indicates that there used to be an important subway tunnel – the Linden Tunnel.
The Museum Island, built on what was originally swampland, was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 1999. The five museums on the Museum Island primarily house 19th century art and archeological collections. We will drive on Berlin’s magnificent boulevard Unter den Linden, which is currently not as magnificent as it used to be because there is a lot of construction work going on; however, you will still see many points of interest to the right and left of the road, and finally the symbol of Berlin: the Brandenburg Gate.

We will be delighted to be your chauffeur on this tour. We will show you around!

Berlin time travel

Duration 60 minutes
InfoAll of our tours are exclusivly private tours.

Your tour you can book by phone at +49 30 911 411 00. Prices can be found below. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

up to 2 persons: 90,- Euro
each additional person: 30,- Euro

One child up to the age of 10 can travel for free with every adult.

Frequently asked questions about our tours

How many passengers can be carried in an electric carriage?

We are allowed to carry up to seven passengers in our electric carriages. Six persons can sit in the vis-à-vis while the seventh passenger sits next to the chauffeur. This is the most sought-after seat due to its elevated position. Please understand that persons with reduced mobility cannot be seated there.
Booster seats are available for toddlers upon request. If you would like to use this service, please contact us in advance.

What does “private tour” mean?

Private tours are exclusive tours – just you and your companions will be carried in the carriage. During the time slot you have reserved, it is a private carriage that will not carry any other passengers you don’t know. If you book a tour with us, the electric carriage will be reserved exclusively for you.

Where does the tour start?

The Pariser Platz at the Brandenburg Gate is well known and easy to get to. This is the starting point of our city tours unless otherwise agreed upon in advance.

May I choose another starting point?

We try to arrange for alternative starting points in the districts of Mitte and Tiergarten. Our flexibility is limited, however, if previous or subsequent tours do not allow for another starting point. Please contact us in advance if you would like to start from another location so that we can check the availability. Your chauffeur will modify the tour in terms of the route and time in case of another pick-up location. The respective tour route will change accordingly.

What happens when the starting point at the Pariser Platz is blocked?

Our chauffeurs always check traffic and event information prior to the tour start and are thus able to react accordingly even in case of unexpected traffic obstructions. Your chauffeur will have the mobile number which you have given to us to contact you. In case of any obstruction, our chauffeurs will call you in due time and suggest an alternative pick-up location close to the Pariser Platz.

What happens when I am late?

During the time slot reserved for your tour, the chauffeur will wait for you at the starting point agreed upon. Please contact us at +49 30 911 411 00. Your chauffeur will modify the tour booked by you according to the delay in order to be able to make any subsequent tours on schedule.

May I make any individual modifications to the tour which I have booked?

Please notify your chauffeur at the beginning of the tour if you would like to make any individual modifications to the tour. If possible, your chauffeur will try to modify the route accordingly, provided that the duration of the tour will not be exceeded by this modification. If there are many places which you would like to see, which are not covered by our standard tours, our Aristo Cab is the perfect choice for you. Here you can put together a customized tour. Please contact us in advance to coordinate the details of your customized tour.



May I contact my chauffeur directly by phone?

If you want to reach your chauffeur by phone on the day of your journey, please contact our head office and +49 30 911 411 00. Here you can help.
The call center is in operation daily 24 hours.

What happens if the weather is bad at my booked time?

Our carriages can be closed completely so that our passengers are also protected in case of sudden rain showers. If the weather forecast indicates that the weather will be bad at your tour date, we will proactively contact you to arrange for an alternative date.
We kindly ask for your understanding that we will not carry out your tour for safety reasons in case of heavy rain, storm or thunderstorms. In this case, too, we will contact you in advance to arrange for an alternative tour date.

I am a wheelchair user. May I use the electric carriage?

Of course you can use our electric carriage. We are pleased to be able to offer this experience to you. Since our carriages do not have enough space to transport large items, please contact us in advance to arrange for a pick-up location where your wheelchair can be safely stored. We usually arrange for a pick-up location close to your parking lot and will also take you there again after the tour, if requested. Alternatively, we will also pick you up at another location of your choice close to the route of the tour, such as a restaurant, for instance.



How can small children be carried in the carriage?

We can provide you with a booster seat for toddlers if you inform us in advance that you require a respective seat. Your own baby seats can be fastened to our two-point seat belts. Toddlers are not allowed to sit next to the chauffeur for safety reasons. You are responsible for supervising children participating in the tour.

Do you offer any beverages on board and are passengers allowed to drink while the carriage is moving?

It is an honor for us to welcome you as our guests and be your chauffeur. We offer mineral water free of charge to our guests. The water is served in bottles. Passengers are allowed to drink while the carriage is moving.

We also offer add-ons such as champagne, for instance. The add-ons are offered iced and in respective glasses. If you would like to use these add-ons, we kindly ask you to book this extra service in advance.

Are there any stopovers on the tours?

Our chauffeurs have numerous interesting stops for every tour. Since traffic in Berlin is pretty unpredictable, it is up to our chauffeurs to select these stops. However, you may inform your chauffeur at the beginning of the tour about any locations where you would like to stop and he will try to adjust the tour accordingly.

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